Why Buy From Us?

The world is full of cheap crap. Companies buy their materials from somewhere (usually unethically), get it made somewhere else (also unethically), and then sell it to you at a huge markup.

This keeps the poor poor, makes the rich richer, and contributes to climate change in a major way. Not to mention the product falls apart after a month or two.


photo: Sanvt

Billionaires are never going to stop destroying the world for financial gain.

The only way to fight back is to stop giving them your money.

The most sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible thing to do is to buy fewer, better things, and buy them locally.

That's why Yellow Belly will always be hand-made in Canada. We're also working hard to make every part of our process as sustainable as possible.

So you're right, our products are really expensive, and they will always be expensive, because THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED ANY MORE CHEAP SHIT.